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New Release: Back To Jesus - Lloyd Nicks, K-Anthony, Alisha Eich

"Back to Jesus"; is a powerful song born from personal struggles with doubt and anxiety

about faith, aiming to cut through the negativity and draw listeners back to the simplicity

of salvation in Jesus Christ. Crafted collaboratively by K-Anthony, Alisha Eich, and

Lloyd Nicks, it serves as an anthem reminding us that ultimately, everything finds its

meaning and purpose in Jesus and his sacrifice for us.

At times, our ability to see Jesus may be obscured by the worries and pain of the world

or our own experiences. We might inadvertently elevate worldly concerns or our own

insecurities above the steadfastness of Jesus, who offers us peace and solutions. This

song urges us to strip away these distractions and return to the fundamental trust in

Jesus Christ, who is our solid foundation amidst life's uncertainties. As the lyrics echo, "On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand"

For more information, contact:


Alisha Eich


Lloyd Nicks

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