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New Music - Tony Williams - "Anymore" ft. Chandler Moore

Tackling hurt, hope, and healing on this new song, five-time Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Antony “tony” Williams is certainly one of the most heard voices in today’s musical landscape. A selfless, soulful innovator, he promises consistency while still aiming to reinvent himself with every record.

Tony reflects on the new song which features Chandler Moore below

"How often do we discount God’s signs and wonders as common earthly occurrences. God wants us to be sensitive to his voice. “ANYMORE” takes us to the brink of acknowledging those signs by making the move to “get it right”.

Williams is currently serving as choir conductor and master of ceremonies for kanye west’s “sunday service” series.

“… where are we gonna wind up…. when good enough AIN’T GOOD ENOUGH?!?!” FINALLY, the complete story.. you won’t have to wait “ANYMORE”

About The WRLDFMS Tony Williams:

The WRLDFMS Tony Williams is known for his acclaimed solo work as well as his featured appearances on songs by Jay Z, Kanye West, Nas, and others. A soulful innovator whose music bridges the gaps between R&B, gospel, funk, and forward-thinking pop, he made his national debut on Kanye West’s multi-platinum debut, The College Dropout, which featured Williams’ vocals on multiple tracks. Released in 2004, the album launched both artists’ careers. While collaborating with dozens of other artists, Williams utilized his talents not only as a vocalist but also as a songwriter. He sang on Jay-Z’s “A Star Is Born,” duetted with gospel queen Patti LaBelle on West’s “Roses”, and co-wrote “Bonjour” for Nas. More importantly, he continued creating his own music, marking his solo debut with 2012’s King or the Fool – An Opera: Volume 1 — an album that featured collaborations with John Legend, Raheem DeVaughn, and Mint Condition’s Stokley Williams — and turning a new leaf with 2021’s “Everybody Knows,” recorded alongside rapper Wale.

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