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New Music Friday #Christian

Another Friday, many new songs. Let's get into it!

Thank You - Lauren Diagle

Grammy Award-winning artist Lauren Diagle releases new single; “Thank God I Do,” the first single off her upcoming self-titled album. She also announced that the first 10 songs would drop on May 12, and the other 10 will be released later this year.

“This is my most precious project,” Daigle shares, “It’s got fun moments, solemn moments, extrovert moments and introvert moments. And I’m just thrilled about taking my songwriting further on this record than anything I’ve done previously.”

Last month, she announced her signing to Atlantic Records in partnership with longtime label home Centricity Music. This new album signifies the start of a new chapter for Lauren Diagle. She showcases her stunning and powerful voice, rich storytelling, and incredible musicality drawn from and inspired by her New Orleans roots. Listen to “Thank God I Do” HERE - and pre-save Lauren Daigle album HERE.

Worship Today ALBUM- Don Moen

This artist needs no introduction. Many of us grew up listening to his songs which have now become anthems of faith, After decades of music ministry experience, worship & praise leader, Don Moen is back with yet another album. With a mix of familiar hymns and original songs, the artist takes us to a place of clean worship. These songs will inspire, and bring light to your heart. Regardless of the stage you are at in your walk with Christ, 'Worship Today' will deepen your faith. Listen here!

Beauty In My Praise - Amanda Janson

Beauty In My Praise is a song that serves as a reminder that God isn’t after our perfection. Our worship can be messy, broken, and flawed because, at the end of the day, He loves us as we are. Whether we worship in the valley or mountaintop seasons, there’s beauty in all of our praise.

Amanda Janson has had the dream of pursuing music since an early age. After an unfulfilling pursuit of musical theater and Broadway, she knew there was something more to music and to life. After giving her life to the Lord in 2013, Amanda began leading worship and writing songs about her faith and testimony. Music is in her DNA and she couldn’t imagine using her love for it in any other way than to serve the Lord. Her greatest desire is to release music that leads the listeners closer to Him. Amanda is a wife, mother, and a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Her debut single “In the Name of Jesus” is an anthem proclaiming the power of the name of Jesus and has been played on radio stations across the globe since its January 2022 release. Beauty In My Praise is the first single of her upcoming new EP which includes working with Grammy-nominated, Dove award-winning producer Chris Bevins. Listen here.

Slowed + Reverb (Live At The Manor) ALBUM - Manor Collective

Manor Collective is a authentically diverse collective made up of Becca Folkes, CalledOut Music, Charlotte Kiwanuka, Elle Limebear, Féz, Jonny Bird, Junior Garr, Myles Dhillon, Sarah Bird & Tertia May. They are artists from different cultures and backgrounds; different is many ways but one - their love for Christ and more specifically, music that brings him glory.

This is their second album since their debut in 2020. Quite different from the first, 'Slowed + Reverb' as the name implies, is a collection of familiar songs, slowed down. They present songs we know, from a fresh point of view. Listen here

Stacking Stones - Bridge Stones

Bridge Worship is the worship ministry of The Bridge Church, a multi-site church based in the Greater Nashville area. They exist to bring together what has been torn apart — churches, families, neighbors, nations, and relationships with God. With a high value for collaboration, they use the power of music with the message of the gospel to bring unity to a divided world. “Stacking Stones,” is its first full-length live album. Stacking Stones sings of building a monument of all of God's goodness. It's easy to forget all God has done in our lives; this song reminds us of our testimonies and urges us to keep remembering. This 10-track Aalbum is one of thanksgiving. Listen here.

Anything Is Possible - JUDAH.

If you like rock music, this is for you. JUDAH is unapologetically authentic and straightforward, ripping through the layers of stigma and discomfort. He comes with a fresh approach that reflects his personality and style of praise and worship through music.

JUDAH. says "'Anything Is Possible' was written amidst the biggest heartbreak of my life that I was battling in private. There were nights I would spend alone not able to sleep cause my stress was too high and honestly I was coping in very unhealthy ways. The only way I know I was able to make it through was the love of God holding me and telling me in the soft quiet voice that he had me and was going to bring healing to my heart and body."

He adds, "I hope this song can illuminate hope in the darkest places of your life. And know...God wants your healing more than you ever could. If you find yourself coping in toxic ways like myself, know that God is not pointing the finger, but urging you on to healing like a best friend. And You're held in the arms of the creator of the heavens and the earth - - even when you don't feel it. Listen here

See you next week for another New Music Friday!

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