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Musiccity New Music Friday Christian

Happy new month, lovely readers! If these tracks are anything to go by, May is already a lovely month. Let's dive into it.

'Glory Hour' - Victory

GRAMMY award-winning singer/songwriter Victory Boyd releases second album, 'Gory Hour'. Using a new songwriting technique she refers to as “freedom writing;" a techniques which came from working with Kanye West for his 2019 studio album, 'JESUS IS KING;' Victory crafts every song on the project.

“Freedom writing is when I just sit down at the piano or at the guitar, and I just flow in the freedom of the spirit,” Victory tells American Songwriter. “I don’t have any preconceived notion of what I’m supposed to sound like. Whatever comes out, sometimes it doesn’t make sense, sometimes it’s just a melody, sometimes it’s a groan.”

This gives you an idea of what to expect when you take in the album. On this album, she brings together every skill, concept, and ideology she’s resonated with throughout her entire musical career. Stream 'Glory Hour' here.

'Pole Pole' - Pompi

After much anticipation, four years to be exact, Zambian gospel maestro Chaka Nyathando, popularly known as Pompi has released his sixth studio album to themed, 'Pole Pole.' Included in the 13-track album are hit singles ‘Strong Name’ and ‘Shamboko’, and he features Limoblaze, CalledOut Music, Mag44, his heartthrob Esther Chungu and more. This album is already generating positive acclaim, with its various music genres that showcase the artist's versatility. Stream 'Pole Pole' here.


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