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Music City catches up with The Voice Uk star Wu'Ra on new music, life, motherhood and more.

Known for her smooth baritone style vocals, a rare treat from a female artist. Wura is taking the industry by storm. The singer is proving she is one to watch. Fresh from releasing her single "Fitila", all Wura wants for christmas is for you to stream, buy and download her new song. With a brand new video coming this week, we caught up with her to find out more on her musical journey.

HMC - What is the meaning behind the project name, Fitila

Wu'Ra - Fitila means light, lamp or a candle.

Fitila is a prayer for help that I finished writing during the lockdown. It simply means “ Heavenly Father please shine your light upon my life, take away all of the darkness and give me your light’

HMC - Can you give a behind the scenes perspective on the overall experience of making the song and video?

Wu'Ra - ’Fitila has been a pleasure to produce with Redband Music; from the arrangement sessions, to recording at the great Subfrantic studios working with Uber talented musicians and singers.

Special shout out to my friends Mabel, Rebecca and Berly that helped out with the harmonies, to the mixing by Aylwin Steele, and finally mastering by Jason Emberton. We had a smooth process. Literally completed the whole production in a couple of weeks. The visuals will be out in the new year. Enesi Zubari will be directing that side of the project.

HMC - Coming from The Voice Uk, How has the feeling been sharing the stage with a legend like Tom Jones and the fact that he is a fan of your sound?

Wu'Ra - Big Lol at Tom Jones being a fan. Sir Tom is an incredible powerhouse with so much wisdom. I was so upset i couldn’t get a hug a or picture with him, we were all practicing social distancing.

However, the advise and words of encouragement he gave me will stay with me forever.

So, more on the Wide ‘Fitila” single. We hear so much passion in your voice. How emotional were you recording this single

HMC- Kids do change you! Could you tell us how becoming a mother has influenced your music and perspective in life.

Wu'Ra - My Son is the absolute angel of my life. He has changed me in so many ways. Being a mother,I am more driven & fearless. It’s very important for me to know that he is proud of me and can look up to me. Being his mother is easily the best thing I have ever done… however i miss sleep .

HMC - Now for the music you curate yourself, how you do approach making music? What’s your process?

Wu'Ra - I am a very emotional person and it comes out in my songs. Recording Fitila was therapy for me. I was locked in dark booth alone when i had to lay the vocals , and I was encouraged to be raw with my feelings and try and express the things I was struggling to communicate with everyone else including myself.

HMC - You’ve been doing this independent thing for some time now, and the music business has changed a lot since you came out. How do you continue to adapt to this changing culture, especially in this digital-driven world?

Wu'Ra - Writing process for me can be a struggle or smooth process. Sometimes it takes years to complete a song but I never rush the process.

That was the case with Fitila. I started writing it in 2016 and I only had the intro and chorus. For years I tried to complete it but nothing worked. However, once the lockdown hit and the whole drama with leaving The Voice happened. The inspiration to complete the song came in 20 minutes. As an independent artist, I am constantly learning, I am a student of youtube and always seeking wisdom and tips from other independent artists. Knowledge is power in this game


HMC - We always wondered, which decades of music influenced you the most and why?

Wu'Ra - Music inspires me, I wouldn’t say decades. I listen to everything. Rock, country and world music are one of my top genres. I love music that move me. I love rawness and honesty in music.

HMC - What would you tell fellow songwriters who are pursuing singing careers?

Wu'Ra - What i would tell fellow songwriters. No one can tell your story better than you. Always remember that life is very short and there’s no room for quitting.

HMC - As an artist, outside of growing your fan base and touching more people, why do you continue to push forward?

Wu'Ra - How I push forward! I always remind myself, probably everyday that life is very short. We all get whatever time we are given. Some 5 years, some 30, some 100. I don’t know how long I will be here but I intend to chase after every single dream.

HMC - how does it feel to make not only amazing music for yourself but also find success in the cooperate industry, singing at wedding and private functions.

Wu'Ra - Finding success with Rosegold Choir. I am literally still in awe that people trust me with their most intimate and memorable dates. I love what i do so it dosen’t feel like work and I work with my best friends so it’s literally the best job in the world.

HMC - What other artists do you love in your musical space?

Wu'Ra - Artists i love…. I am mostly inspired by my friends, i am surrounded by the most amazing singers and i am constantly learning from them. I am inspired by artists with longevity such as Tom Jones & Beyoncé. They literally get better with age. I love Miriam Makeba , Tina Turner, Fatoumata Diawara and Joan Armatrading . These women were beacons of hope for me growing up. They have incredibly unique voices but they carried

it with so much confidence and power. Discovering them changed my life

HMC - Congrats once again on an amazing single. So, what’s next for Wura??

Wu'Ra - I am looking forward to releasing a couple more songs in the new year and throwing a concert in 2022.

HMC - Any Shout outs for your team?

Wu'Ra - Shout out to Redband for making a beautiful song with me, my mummy that provides unlimited childcare so i can chase dreams. To my Rosegold family for the unwavering support. Love you forever.

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