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6 Movies To Watch This December

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, 6 amazing binge-worthy choices for the festive season.

We can all agree that this season coupled with the weather, just sets the mood for warm blankets, snacks, some hot chocolate on the couch or in bed, and a screen. If you’re drawing a blank thinking of what to watch, this is for you! We've curated some family-friendly ideas for you and your loved ones.


Our first pick is this classic; Home Alone. Who doesn’t love to watch bad guys lose and make a fool out of themselves while doing it? There are about 6 movies in this “series"; some are better than others but, we’re not judging. The Home Alone series of movies is the perfect movie series to binge-watch this season. They convey a range of emotions with extensive comedic relief, and a Christmas miracle to wrap up the whole roller coaster. Apart from the very captivating comedy, it portrays witty childlike courage that we all pray to have, where the boy(s) single-handedly brings armed robbers to Justice even before calling the police for help. If you are willing to watch or rewatch the Home Alone series but would prefer to watch it from least to best, the IMDb ranks the movies in the following order:

  • Home Alone (1990) – 7.6/10

  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) – 6.7/10

  • Home Alone 3 (1997) – 4.4/10

  • Home Alone: The Holiday Heist (2012) – 3.5/10

  • Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House (2002) – 2.6/10

While the most recent movie Home Sweet Home Alone (2021) has not been rated yet.


In the excitement of the season, we ought not to forget the reason for which we’re able to celebrate. This movie, based on a true story is about a girl who falls sick and is unable to do all she once could and longed for. The doctors could also not denote what exactly was wrong with or what to prescribe to help. In the end, the only One that could heal her did; Jesus. This movie reminds us to trust in Jesus during the good, the bad, and the ugly. Funny enough, her parents were so panicked and forgot to trust in Jesus but she always had Him on her mind. That once again “childlike faith”, was so courageous!

The end most especially reminds us who may be wondering, that we are never alone.


This recommendation may have you wondering if we’re still talking about the Christmas festive season because it is a family-friendly movie based on a true story of a boy who had cancer; he wrote letters to God every day about his life and the lives of his loved ones. He was in and out of the hospital constantly but he had such a positive outlook on life that would leave anyone wondering if he really was sick. Yes, it does end tragically, but not before his life, love, and faith touched the lives of the many people he met especially an alcohol-addicted postman who had disconnected from his family.

Hopefully, as you decide to watch this movie it gives you a different perspective on whatever you decide to add to your list of new year's resolutions, by making faith and love intentional actions in your lives.


Who does not love a happy ending? With a brilliant seasoned cast and music by John Legend, this enchanting holiday musical fantasy is an intriguing film to watch with the entire family on Christmas day. It tells the story of a formerly successful toy maker who loses his enthusiasm and drive when his apprentice steals his prized book of ideas and never-before-seen invention. Years later, his inventive granddaughter visits his toy store and becomes determined to right the wrongs of the past while reawakening his passion and hope for the future.


These family-friendly Christmas movies are another very good choice to binge this season. The first part of this two-part movie is about a brother and a sister who intend to record Santa on camera but end up taking charge of St Nick’s sleigh and making a crash, which results in the loss of a sack of toys for kids. The reindeer also goes missing. The brother and sister are helped by Santa’s elves and left to see if they can fix their mess in time to avoid ruining Christmas for children around the world.

In the second part of this movie, though some may argue it was a letdown from the first, the sister from the first part has grown into a teenager who is struggling to accept her mother's new relationship. She is reunited with Santa and Mrs. Claus and joins forces with them to stop an evil elf who is bent on canceling Christmas.


Totally unrelated but very related, Christmas is very much about sweet treats; it is literally the season that keeps giving. Apart from the very enjoyable process of eating the snacks, you could watch the process of making the snacks. A very interesting show that will interest you is Netflix’s Sugar Rush Christmas. There is also Zumbo’s Just Desserts. These shows take you on a creative journey from different perspectives according to the contestants' points of view. You are sure to enjoy it or at least find new inspiration for how to decorate your desserts this festive season.

And there you have it! Six movies you could watch this month to awaken your holiday spirits! We hope you enjoy every minute in front of those screens. Let us know your go-to festive movies in the comment section below.

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