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‘Morning Sun’ - New Single by Marizu

Writing a song that ushers in a ray of light in tough times like these could be a tough ask, but Marizu has not disappointed. The song indeed lives up to its title and is synonymous with new birth and freshness. When things around may seem oblique and hard to comprehend, we can be encouraged by the peace we have in Christ.

His last release ‘I Know’ was an audacious twist from his usual Afrobeat style and it has shown us how versatile his music style is. His debut single ‘Chosen’ has had over a million views on YouTube and ‘Looku Looku’, the second single has proved extremely popular as people are seen vibing to it on social media.

“This song is a testimony of how God has taken me and made something out of nothing. I have learnt so much in the past year and God has shown me the importance of trusting him through every situation. Every single word is about how God has brought me through. I also pray it is a song of hope as we demand justice and equity for us all.” - Marizu

This track was released under HFP Music label and was written by Marizu, produced by Manuel the Creator and graphics by JA Brand Design.

‘Morning Sun’ is available to download and stream on all digital platforms - iTunes, Apple Music, Google- Play, Amazon, Spotify, and Youtube from June 5th, 2020.

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