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Michael Oyo releases follow up single ‘Provides’

After releasing hit debut single ‘My Side,’ which was premier gospel's track of the week, the singer-songwriter-producer extraordinaire has created another upbeat, self-reflective record.

The new single boasts of God’s compassion, kindness and His never-ending provision towards us. ‘Provides’ is an energetic song expressed through a blend of African rhythms and slick Western vocal arrangements. The song aims to remind people of how good God has been and continues to be: a God who makes impossibilities possible and extends His helping hand to the ones He loves.

Michael wrote the song in a time of uncertainty as to what the next stage of life would look like. However, he stood on the promises of God in Matthew 6:31-34, which references the fact that we need not worry about anything because our Heavenly Father already knows our needs and has made provision.

Oyo highlighted the message of the song in the following way:

“Throughout our walk, we go through different experiences in times and seasons. One thing is consistently true: He never leaves us, is always providing for us, is always looking out for us and in times when things get rough, He always provides the light at the end of the tunnel. In all things, He is consistent in being there.”

As usual you know the deal , Press PLAY

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