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Meet Shakina Blackstock: The "Small But Mighty" Gospel Voice Inspiring Montreal

We are thrilled to introduce you to Shakina Blackstock, a dynamic gospel artist based in Montreal, Quebec. Known for her angelic voice and heartfelt worship, Shakina's music is a conduit for encounters with Jesus. Starting her journey in music and songwriting at the tender age of six, she has been blessed with the gift of worship leading at her local church, WITRIM. Fondly referred to as “Small But Mighty,” Shakina's pursuit of a music career began in earnest in 2020, spurred on by her Apostle, Efon Brillant.

In 2023, Shakina released her debut single, “Kindness,” a poignant song that narrates her first profound encounter with God's love. When asked about her favorite part of creating this song, Shakina enthusiastically credits her producer for bringing her vision to life. The moment she first heard the demo with her friends, they were all captivated by the beautiful arrangements, a testament to the divine inspiration behind the song.

The chorus of "Kindness" serves as the heart of the song, with lyrics that proclaim, “You have kindness beyond measure; your heart is so tender towards me; keep sending your love.” These words were born from Shakina's deep sensitivity to God's boundless love, which she describes as transformative and beyond human understanding. This divine love rescued her from a season of depression, providing her with a testimony that underscores God's limitless and tender-hearted nature.

A notable feature of "Kindness" is the contribution of the renowned Perpetual Praise choir, directed by Tamsyn Clarke. Based in Montreal, this choir is celebrated for their passionate gospel ministry and their ability to convey the gospel through their art. Their involvement added a rich, communal dimension to the track, enhancing its worshipful impact.

Shakina Blackstock's journey in gospel music is a testament to her unwavering faith, incredible talent, and deep desire to lead others into a meaningful worship experience. Stay tuned to HFP Music for more updates on Shakina’s inspiring career and her upcoming projects.

Listen to Kindness on Spotify here ; and on Apple Music here

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Jul 05

We serve a living God and the fact that this young lady can capture the essence of God's unconditional love , his mercy and outstretched arms towards us is a revelation for this generation. Keep an eye out for more revelational songs from this small but mighty woman of God . Prov. 4:18


Jul 02

The vocals in this are just breathtaking 😭 such a moving and inspiring song!!


Jul 02

Wow!! The Lord is really moving with her. This song is so powerful ! I don’t usually comment on these posts, but I definitely had to for this one. Truly a God fearing woman!


Jul 02

this is the song I’m gonna play on Saturday mornings to wake the kids up and start cleaning


Jul 02

Such a pretty song!!

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