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Marizu’s first single of the year - ‘Reason’

Singer/Songwriter Marizu has proven himself time and time again to be a maestro of realistic atmospheric soundscapes. With a mix of mellow afro tunes and soulful lyrics - his music makes for many repeats.

This new single, ‘Reason’, is no exception. A smooth flowing sonnet to his Reason, Marizu pulls listeners in from 00:01. With submerging vocals, and a vivid production, Marizu tells a story of God’s saving grace. You can hear the raw emotion in Marizu’s voice as if he’s right next to you.

“‘Reason’ is about the power life has to engulf a person, and God’s dedication to pulling us out every time.”

Bad days meet with gratitude to create something moving. The intricate simplicity of this single makes it special, as it makes the listener focus on the lyrics as they bop their head to the tune.

'Reason’ is released under HFP Music; written by Marizu Ikechi Atuonwu; produced by Emmanuel Ekpe John; and is available to download and stream from the 14th of April, 2023.

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