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Celebrating the Journey - Marizu's Long-Awaited Debut Concert

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

This debut concert not only marked a pivotal moment in Marizu's career but also solidified his position as a rising star in the afro-gospel genre. After months and weeks of planning, this is how Marizu's first ever Acoustic Session went.

If you do not know him, Marizu is a Nigerian singer/songwriter with a sound so unique and wholesome listeners have said they flow straight from heaven. Since his debut in 2017, with over 60 tracks and collaborations it was a wonder to many how he had never headlined his own show. 24,000 avid supporters had shared one question in common 'when will we see Marizu perform live?'

The remarkable feat of selling 400 tickets in just four days spoke volumes about the loyal fanbase he had cultivated and the growing demand for his music.

With the air of mystery surrounding the artist, coupled with the anticipation to see him perform live, it was no surprise that when Marizu finally announced that he would be headlining his very first show, all four-hundred tickets were sold out within four days.

Fast-forward to the event. Fans gathered at Kulture Yard, Ikeja where the event was to be held on the 21st of May, 2023. Doors were set to open at 5pm, but fans arrived well before the set time. Before 6pm, all available seats had been occupied leaving a good number of fans on their feet. The event started on a high note at 6pm, hosted by Abayomi, otherwise known as 'Yomi Is Your Guy.' Oba Reengy was the first guest artist to perform and he came with the fire. As he performed, listeners gravitated towards the stage. Next was Ife, who performed his popular track 'Ayo' and an unreleased track. Then Jo Deep was ushered in. With his soft acoustic sounds fans were taken into a place of worship, giving them a taste of what was to come.

By the time Marizu was brought on stage, fans were clustered around the stage. The most exhilarating moment for all present was the sight of Marizu on the stage. For the first few minutes all that could be heard was screams and chants. Marizu started off his set with with 'Jejely' and fans could hardly contain their excitement. The artist's voice could barely be heard over belted lyrics and screams. From 'Victory Song', to 'Looku Looku', to a more recent one 'Reason' and the much-anticipated testimony behind it - Marizu ran seamlessly over popular tracks. He ended his set with a surprise performance with his father, Buchi the music legend - a pleasant surprise indeed! Gil-Joe also performed a fan favourite, 'Shackles' with Nkay.

After seven years of waiting, many are still basking in the euphoria of watching Marizu's Melodies come to life. The event came to a close on a high note! We can't wait to see where Marizu's Acoustic Session goes next!

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