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Major: HFP Music hit milestone of 15 million Youtube views mid July 2020

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Yup major news for HFP Music as this week saw their Youtube channel show up at the 15 million mark in 48 Months. Having 5 major artists at the peak of their careers on their roster, it was only a matter of time before they hit this huge milestone with their artists churning out consistent music videos and singles, CalledOut Music, Rae Rae, Makpo, Marizu and Deb Orah have had an amazing 4 years.

HFP Music is home to a group of talented artists who are creating fresh sounds in the Christian music industry. Our roster of artists are based in UK, US & Nigeria giving us reach to a wide base cutting across varying music tastes. HFP is one of the leading christian labels in the UK and we now have a catalog of over 100 copyrights worldwide. HFP Music also provides services to artists enabling them achieve sustainable creative and financial success. We provide our consumers with music produced at the highest-quality and standards in the industry.

HFP Music is a leading business with national and international touring experience that has created a network of partners and licensees in more than 15 countries

HFP Music took to social media this week to thank all their fans and supporters for the continued support. What is next for HFP Music ??? We are so excited, don't forget to keep it locked here to find out more.

oh and lastly remember to 'Love The Music You're In'

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