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Lyric Video - Sing along to "Bring Me Love" with Makpo and Daphne Richardson

Although officially released 26 November , "Bring Me Love" – the newest single from Makpo has been given the lyric video treatment to support this festive season.

‘I have been itching to release a track that captures the joy and message of Christmas. I am so glad to get to do that finally this year - 2020 of all years - [laughs]! The very word (Christmas) brings joy to our hearts and I really pray this song puts a smile on someone’s face.- Makpo

Bring me love features Canadian based Christian artist Daphne Richardson whose beautiful voice delivers the joy and togetherness we expect from a yuletide song. Her contagious passion for Jesus and strong soprano voice cre- ates a unique sound which makes her so apt for this collab.

The best gift is Love and God is love

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