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Lihle Adeyemi releases new single “Promise Keeping God”

Lihle Adeyemi is a South African American Singer, Songwriter, and a Worship Leader. She is a purpose-driven creative who originates from Mtwalume, KZN in the south coast region of South Africa. Lihle's musical career started at a very tender age. By age 15, she had started leading worship at her Secondary school.

“Whenever I ruminate on the goodness of God and His awesome wonders in my life and in my family through the years, I find myself utterly dumbstruck, almost lost for words even when there are really no words perfect enough to describe His loving kindness in my life and to express my sheer gratitude for His unparalleled faithfulness, but this song is a product of His grace, mercy, and kindness. I see myself as an agent of hope to my generation. Who has spoken and it came to pass, unless God has commanded it? Yet, awesome family, you can be sure that when God declares a thing, it is YES and Amen.” - Lihle

Just like yesterday, when this project was just a thought but today, another landmark is set and God's word to me, His promises, are made manifest for all to see.

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