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Lebohang releases new single for Women’s Month, ft various artists

In an era where the world is facing various challenges due to the ongoing pandemic, there is always a need for a message of hope, something to keep people hopeful, encouraged and ready to continue moving forward. Crown Gospel Award winning artist, Lebohang Kgapola is releasing a new single aimed at doing exactly that. Simply titled “Never Fails”, the song carries the message of reminding us all that “The love of Jesus will not fail us. It's very easy to feel that He is failing us, but the Word says no sickness, no death not even things to come can separate us from the love of God”, explained Lebohang.

The birthing and realization of the song itself bears a testament of faith. It started one morning at the beginning of August when Lebohang felt a sudden urge of getting women together on a song that would encourage and bring hope in people's hearts during this difficult time of the pandemic. With so many people having lost loved ones, jobs, security and stability, and thus everyone finding themselves in panic, worrying about what the future holds, her vision and message was clear: Bring forth a song that gives listeners hope that things will get better. The song can almost be seen as a follow-up to a similar message that was carried by her “Christ Revealed Unplugged” album that was released in the middle of lockdown last year, which also served to encourage listeners the same way. Similar to that project, which featured various artists, this single also had features, but this being women’s month project, only ladies were featured on the track. They include Bongi (of Bongi & Collin duo), Chairo and Charnte Heart.

Putting the song together and getting it ready for release within a space of two weeks was always going to be a challenge, especially given resource and budgetary constraints that are experienced by almost every other creative in the music industry. “I acted on faith to do the song, despite all the challenges that were infront of me, but as soon as I did, I saw God come through in miraculous ways. Suddenly resources begun flowing in, some from even some very unexpected sources. All in all, I saw God at work as soon as I stepped out in faith. It was like instead of me encouraging others, I got encouraged myself through seeing how God provided, from no budget to seeing all costs covered, and this in just a space of few days”. The song was recorded on a Friday, and by Monday evening it had premiered on YouTube, receiving rave reviews from those who tuned in to watch.

Speaking about the ladies featured on the track, Lebohang had nothing but the nicest words to say about each one of them. These are women I’m extremely inspired by, said Lebohang. “Bongi's humility and gentle spirit considering how long she's been in this gruesome industry is why I wanted someone like her on. I celebrate that in her as a woman. Charnte is a young, bold, fierce and beautiful worshiper who carries a light for the coming generation of worshipers. I can imagine the young girls who look up to her and how inspired they feel when they watch her soar in her pursuit of Christ. Chairo is undignified in how she worships! She holds nothing back! I watch in marvel all the time I watch her minister. I had to have her on.

If you looking for a song to help inspire hope and courage in you, to help you believe and press on even in the midst of trouble, then this is just the right track for you. It will be available on all digital platforms this Friday the 13th of August 2021. If you feel forsaken, or like your faith is wading, then this the song to bring you a sense of peace, letting you know that things are bound to change.

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