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Kirk Franklin teams up with The Compassion Youth Choir for remake of "Lean on Me"

Kirk Franklin worked with youth in Compassion International’s child development program to create a choir of 120+ members from all over the world. Proceeds from the sales of this version of “Lean On Me” will go to Compassion.

Having grown up in poverty, what message would you give to those who consider partnering with Compassion to fight poverty? Hear Kirk Franklin describe his journey from being adopted, abandoned, and a high school drop out to being a product of what giving can do!

"It was such an honor working with so many young, talented, and gifted kids from across the globe! I’m grateful to the team at Compassion International for giving me the opportunity to serve in this capacity. It’s unbelievable that a song like this still resonates with so many people. I pray this version provides a little hope for the people across the globe.”

They virtually re-recorded and released Kirk’s single “Lean on Me”, available now wherever you listen to music! Proceeds from the sales of this re-release will go to Compassion International.

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