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Kirk Franklin teams up with Sony Music Entertainment for Podcast Series

Gospel Legend, Kirk Franklin who turned 51 yesterday is delving into the podcast world adding to his many accomplishments (multiple award-winning musician, songwriter and author). We can reveal that Pharrell Williams, Kelly Rowland, Chance the Rapper, Glennon Doyle, and H.E.R. are confirmed guests on the "Good Words with Kirk Franklin" podcast which will be available on all major platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

Good Words with Kirk Franklin welcomes people from every cross section of life seeking inspiration and empowerment. Through candid conversations exploring faith, comebacks, and the realities of today's world, Kirk invites us to see ourselves in the shared moments between him and his guests

Kirk spills on the direction of the podcast below:

“What's good beautiful people, after bringing you songs like stomp, revolution, I smile and love theory, I want to bring you something really special from my heart, it’s called Good Words with Kirk Franklin. Now this a podcast where I’ll be having candid conversations about faith,” he said. “These are conversations that are heartfelt. And you know me, it’s going to be funny. You will hear about the comebacks, the stories of growth and the stories of triumphs”

New episodes drop every Tuesday.

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