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Junior Garr & The Spirituals Choir release Black History Live EP

“This is a collection of negro spirituals and songs that have inspired and championed the story of black people. With all that is happening in the world today there has never been a better time for the power of music to bring us together. This is a commemoration of not only our breakthrough and achievements but also an acknowledgement of the continuous pain and sorrow experienced by Black people today. We must find a way to foster and fight for the justice and equality of Black individuals everywhere. Justice and the good news go hand in hand.” - Junior Garr For Black History Month in the USA, The Spirituals Choir are releasing the music from their powerful performance of reimagined spiritual anthems. This latest project from The Spiritual Choir titled: “Black History Project: Live in London” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Originally released on TBNUK as a powerful tribute to songs that have marked monumental moments in black history, music and culture; singer/songwriter, Junior Garr and choir conductor, Marsha B. Morrison, navigated The Spirituals Choir in a time of great uncertainty to give a message of hope. “Wade in the Water” fills this EP with uplifting arrangements and lyrical twists in pidgin English and for those who are too impatient to wait, this song is now available for an exclusive listen through: Following this, the EP contains a fusion of melodies and memories, with songs such as “Something inside so strong”, “Ringing them Bells” and a medley of “I wish I knew how to be free”, “We shall overcome” and “Lift every voice”. This EP will provide listeners with a timeless taste gospel & soul with incredible vocalists including Niiella, Annatoria (Winner of The Voice UK), Ché Kirah and Mahalia Fontaine.

2020 was a year that released an outcry across the world to raise the importance of black lives. George Floyd, Trayvon Martin and Breonna Taylor are just three of tragedies that will always be remembered and it is musical tributes, such as this, that turn these heart-breaking moments into tokens of hope. There has never been a greater need for positive voices to be heard and for light to be shed, and it is for this reason that music artist, Junior Garr, was inspired to bring this choir together to raise their voices in unity and celebrate black lives, both historic and present.

Black History Project EP is now available on all streaming platforms:

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