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Jesse10s rereleases album track LOCO (Acoustic version)

Jesse10s is a songwriter and record producer in Washington, D.C., his music features a unique blend of; deep melody, groovy Edm, Afrobeats, harmonious voice & inspirational lyrics. Loco meaning 'crazy' in Spanish, is a song inspired by the depth of God's love for His children.

He is best known for his debut singles; Your love, Never Let go (feat. Lulu k) & What a Feeling (feat. Cmert Keyz)". Jesse is also known for his humanitarian work through the Sekatawa Foundation ; a non-profit program he started in May 2016 as a platform for the youth to spread good vibes & inspire lives of young adults through: music, soccer & performing arts.

Earlier this year he released his album "Too Blessed to be Stressed", with tracks like Loco, Control ft. Limoblaze, For Me (Blesso) ft Virtuoz, Need You(remix) ft Orlando Rivera, Amazing ft Rabbi Le Prince, Oh Lord, Party ft Amose, Yesu Bambi ft Kingdommusic and Born Again, Jesse10s reinstates his believe that No matter the storm, or how bad things may get, he can choose to trust in God despite what reality may say. According to Jesses10s, "This song (Loco) is about how crazy in love with us God is, so crazy that he would let His only son die for us."

Loco first appeared on the artist's recent album 'Too Blessed To Stress' and his heart behind this acoustic version is that many souls are touched and reminded of God's unending Love.

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