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Jesse10s releases Acoustic Files - Ep

Following the release of his Too Blessed to Stress album in 2021, Jesse10s has been creating acoustic versions to some of his popular songs and released some of them as singles that have been well received so far.

He has compiled them into an ep “Acoustic Files” and hopes that people are reminded of God’s unending love to each song on the EP.


1) Loco

Loco is a Spanish word for crazy and in this song, it describes God’s love for us & how it is crazily too good for us.

2) Remember

When things go wrong it is very easy to forget who we are and where we come from, we often start drowning in fear and drought I remember how far God has brought me and hope it can inspire people always remember how many tests have become testimonies.

3) Need You.

In our good and bad times, we need good, we need to get closer on our good days just like we always run to him when in trouble and this song is cry out to God letting him know how much I need him in my life.

4) Yesu Bambi (feat. kingdmusic).

Kingdmusic and I get honest and vulnerable in crying out to God to help us overcome the trials and temptations we face as young people.

5) Never Fail.

God never fails, every time and again He never fails.

This is a song inspired by testimonies of my journey getting closer to God in tight situations, it brings a lot of hope knowing that we can call on him at any time of the day and he will be there for us.

Jesse Sekatawa, mononymously known as Jesse10s, is a christian afrobeats recording artist, He transcends the music landscapes with positive lyrics and groovy beats, unlike any other artist.

He has a passion to change the way people see the world and his art is doing just that. To date, he has released two studio albums, one EP, and numerous singles

Jesse is also known for his humanitarian work through the Sekatawa Foundation ; a non-profit program he started in May 2016 as a platform for the youth to spread good vibes & inspire lives of young adults through: music, soccer & performing arts.

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