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It’s beginning to feel like summer with the release of CalledOut Music’s latest EP - ROOTS!

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

MOBO award winning artiste, singer/song- writer and producer, CalledOut Music is set to release his long anticipated EP - ‘Roots’!

Celebrating his roots and paying homage to his motherland, this EP is set to be a blend of musical genres, harmonies and melodies like nothing we’ve heard before from the music maestro’s catalogue.

Infusing culture and lyrical disparity, the body of work features two award winning gospel recording artists - Dena Mwana from Congo and Nolly from Nigeria.

“With this EP and it’s title, there was some creative word play; I decided to pay homage to my culture and motherland, speaking about my roots; but also decided to create lyrics and tell a story about being rooted in God and the joy it has brought to my life in the midst of life’s changing seasons. The features were also breathtaking! Dena Mwana, Nolly and the entire team made this EP what it is and we can’t wait to share it with you all!” - CalledOut Music

This EP is perfect for your summer playlist and onwards!

‘Roots’ is available to download and stream on all digital streaming platforms from 25th June, 2021. The EP has 4 tracks in total.


Track 1. All in All - written & produced by CalledOut Music, Mixed & Mastered by Whiteblock Group

Track 2. Never leave me - written & produced by produced by CalledOut Mu- sic, mixed & mastered by Whiteblock Group

Track 3. ga Di Mma - written & produced by CalledOut Music, mixed & mas- tered by Whiteblock Group

Track 4. Celebrate - written by CalledOut Music, co-produced by CalledOut Music and ManLikeWills, mixed & mastered by ManLikeWills

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