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Israel Houghton pens hope letter on the road to Quarantine album "Feels Like Home"

Israel Houghton, credited as Israel & New Breed, an American Christian singer and songwriter who has been known to produce worship songs and albums. He is also a music producer and a worship warrior/leader. He has been actively pursuing music since 1997 up to the present. This multitalented artist can also play the guitar and keyboards and is under the RCA Inspiration label.

To celebrate 20 years of New breed, he decided to mark it with a new record. "Feels Like Home" birthed unity, creativity, patience and consistency with his gospel family in the world pandemic.

Open Letter:

Israel recently released a live performance of stand out song on the record "Hymn of Breakthrough" on his instagram @israelhoughton.

"Sitting here and I am so encouraged by the start of this new year. For some reason it feels to me like a new season for real. So much so, that we wrote a song to commentate it. Hymn of breakthrough is a simple yet powerful declaration of God's promise to us. I encourage you to consider making this the theme of this new year, not just for January but all 12 months. Join us, say, "I am healed, I am free, God has spoken, I agree. My breakthrough is here, What do you hear? I hear the sound of breakthrough"

"Breakthrough" and the "Feels Like Home" album will be released on February 26, 2021. On all digital stores. Exciting times !

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