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How To Prepare For A Concert (Fan Guide)

It's 2023 and live shows have been at an all time high. With the ushering in of summer, we can only expect and anticipate more shows. Are you thinking of attending your first christian concert? Maybe you need more tips to prepare for your next ?

But let's review the idea shortly behind a Christian concert just to emphasize a little on the idea.

Take a minute to imagine an atmosphere where believers come together and for a duration of time exhalt Abba. Unlike secular concerts, we hope to feel the presence of God himself, and how beautiful is that?!

We could go on about the beauty of Christian concerts but let's dive into the preparation (Fan Guide POV) so as to maximize the full experience.

Pump up yourself :

To me this is simply a spiritual charge. It entails listening beforehand to the artist(s) that are to perform at the event. Who wants to be at a concert where they can't sing along to even one track? This step will prepare you lyrically and spiritually. Though there are contradictions that this will make the whole experience a little less exciting but I assure you a concert vibe with the artist personally performing alongside other fans cheering the lyrics and vibing cannot be compared to listening on your earphones or speaker in your room.

Wear Comfy Clothing

Alongside wanting to wear something extremely beautiful, it is important to ensure that you are extremely comfortable. Most important and essential to your personal style is 'convenience'. You do not want to be bothered about a wardrobe malfunction in the middle of a concert when others are throwing themselves up to life from the atmosphere.

Ensure none of your devices die on you

If you're fine allowing your battery go off on you in the middle of the concert then sure, kindly skip this tip. As well as a spiritual charge, a portable power bank and a fully charged phone are recommended. It'll save you and give you have options in case of an emergency. It would also help you take graphic memories throughout the event.

Pack a Bag of Personal Necessities

This usually differs for individuals and may be gender specific. A few common things that would help throughout a concert which could fit into our bags includes mints, sanitizers, wipes, earplugs, tissues, credit or debit cards, cash, and any other emergency kit or cosmetic kit that you might need, best known to you. The basis of this tip is to pack a little of everything you may need.

What’s in your Tummy?

I would recommend eating light and hydrating a lot in order to be sustained for the duration of the concert. It is also important to have a can of water with you to refresh anytime you feel a little dehydrated. You can either bring that from home or buy at the concert venue so to keep your system going.

Identifications and tickets

If the concert requires a ticket for entry kindly follow due process to get one and ensure it's presented at the point of entry. Ensure you also have a means of identification on you, just incase.

Means of Transportation

It is important to get a pre-planned means of transportation if you’re not driving. I'd advise you to have an arrangement so you do not get worked up or even stranded while coming to and especially while leaving the concert.

An Open heart

It's a christian concert so only God must be glorified. Lay aside every weight that might shift your focus away from the spirit of God. Then come to his throne worship him in spirit and in truth ( John 4:23)

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