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How To Position Yourself For Success In 2023

As you contemplate your career and make plans to advance, there are a few actions you can take now to position yourself for success in 2023 and beyond.


To successfully move forward, it is critical to look back in order to assess your previous performance. It is easy to underestimate or overstate your performance and potentially overlook areas that need attention without a robust review. How much of what you set out to do did you actually achieve? Did you over-perform or under-perform? If so, why? Review network, craft, strategy, and targets; note what worked and what did not. Insanity, they say, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Take Stock of Your Abilities

In line with your review, it is important to take inventory of your skills, achievements, and experiences. Ask yourself, what you liked and disliked about 2022. What areas did you maximize your strength in? In what areas did you under-utilize your abilities? What would you have liked to do differently? Make a list of your strengths and the areas of improvement you find.

Make a Plan

We often write up a list of things we want to accomplish in the new year and blow them off quickly, as we begin to tire out. It’s a good idea to set a plan in place to ensure you're holding yourself accountable. Yes, set milestones and deadlines but also write down actions you will take to reach those goals. For example, if a milestone is to write more songs in 2022, a good plan would be to write at least a line daily. Be intentional about your craft. Dedicate time to learning new skills and improving existing ones.

Organize your networks to be more accessible

In the span of last year, you have probably spoken with new people across various platforms. Now is a good time to organize those contacts so you can stay connected and keep the conversations going, growing, and flowing. There are people just waiting to connect with you and your music. A powerful brand and culture can help propel your growth. The more people you reach, the more listeners you have at your fingertips.

Celebrate Your Wins

Another great tip; remember to celebrate your wins! No matter how small they are, reward, motivate, and encourage yourself for the work you are putting in daily. The importance of a gratitude mindset cannot be overemphasized. While it is easy to get lost in the thought of ‘tomorrow’, ensure you grow a culture of reflection to spur gratitude today! Look at yesterday and give thanks. You are alive, your gift is sought after and you have an active community of people rooting for you. That is more than enough to be grateful for!

In conclusion,

Faith is believing to be real what is yet unseen until it becomes real. Yes, you have amazing plans and goals for the year, but just like in life generally, you will be faced with hurdles and obstacles you would need to walk through. Holding on may get hard especially when you do not understand, but these are the times you must hold on to the vision God has given you. These are the times to depend on the wisdom and strength of Christ. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. To properly position yourself in 2023, know and remind yourself of your position in Christ. Have a great year!

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