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How to deal with a bad sore throat

We can all agree that there are a few things as uncomfortable as a sore throat especially when most of your life revolves around your voice. It sucks out the life and fun of every activity to an extent that everything begins to feel dull and gloomy.

If you've ever experienced this, here are a few things to do when you get down with a sore throat.

Top up on fluids!

We often hear 'drink lots of fluids,' but often times we neglect this because of how uncomfortable it feels. Rather that soothe us, if causes this little itch. Nevertheless, let's discuss the importance.

Fluids spin over the dehydration that accompanies sore throats. Not all fluids are encouraged to be ingested in an attempt to keep compliant with this tip. It is advisable to stay away from caffeinated fluids and citrus fluids which through the acidity level puts our delicate throat at more risk. Futhermore on the topic of consuming the right fluids; avoid fatty foods, spicy foods or seasonings and any dry foods like cereals, bread and the likes which are likely to reduce influx and moisture causing it harder to swallow while inducing more pain.


Regardless of how minor a sore throat may seem, and how much we attempt to cope with it by going about our regular dealings as strong soldiers of Christ, let's not downplay the importance of physical rest.When we rest, we get to relax our vocal cords and while at it, we create more room to pay better attention to ourselves and heal faster.

Try sleeping more at this time. Adequate sleep is more likely to impact our immune system and bridge the gap antibodies produce in us and this fortunately, reduces the risk of infections and illnesses. Remember dear singer, the maximum hours of sleep ought to be a solid time of 7 hours daily.

Home remedies

Effective home remedies passed down from God knows who to our parents parents, to our parents should definitely also be a go-to. While giving your vocal cords maximum attention by staying in to properly and quickly recover, here are a few remedies from your kitchen or nearby corner store you can try out to soothe your throat and lungs. Every family should know this first go to :

-Gargle warm salt water. This deals with the inflammation and cancels out the bacteria as well.

-Warm water intake which can be done with an addition of lemon juice proportionately.

-Honey. This has antibacterial properties also serves to make our throat feel better.

-Raw ginger slices or ginger infused warm tea.

Over the counter medications.

Please contact your doctor or health care practioner to administer these if you have specific health challenges. But two most common over the counter medications are Ibruprophane and acetaminophen and they help to reduce throat pain.

If in any case there is no improvement of any kind, We'd suggest you get tested timely so as to prevent further complications.

"I will take away sickness from your midst" - Exodus 23:25

There will be no complications as we worship the Lord. Amen!

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