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How To Create A SmartLink Page.

With our fast-growing population, and its constant demand for individuality, authenticity, and sustained creativity, human endeavor has often resorted to the use of media both traditional and social. It has become ever more important to stay represented in the world today. One way this can be achieved is to host your personal space and this is one thing a website can do.

However, even though the trend of coding and learning programming languages is high with the rise of interest in Tech, there are situations that require a fast, reliable, easy-to-setup platform that can serve as a website and personal space to showcase your craft and brand. It is for this reason, we believe that smart link pages are ideal for you.

A smart link page is a landing place that has a URL that is easily shareable as a link to your YouTube channel, other social media profiles, music services, your merchandise - or merch - store(s), and every other site of yours on the internet. It's your hub and guide to all of you in one place. While they are easy to set up and manage, they could often be underused or outrightly mismanaged. To this end, we have decided to help you understand or sharpen your understanding of how to customize your smart link page.

There are so many smart link page hosts to pick from which could range from the features they give to the stability of data and personalized privacy or even to the compatibility of their features with your industry - not to mention the prominent line between what is free and what has to be paid for. So from popular ones like Soundplate, Linkree,, Disha, ToneDen, snipFeed, Linkfire, ListenTo or even Songwhip, you are sure to have a vast array to choose from. Now that we know where to go, how do you make one of these yours and truly yours?

Landing the Right Settings with Landing Pages

We believe the first thing would be to get a good look at the features and how best they help to enhance your industry. Are they made specifically for music, display and song link hosting like Linkfire, and Soundplate which - along others - are really great for music marketing? In this article, we will be focussing on using the Linktree services which are basic and come highly recommended for young, up-and-coming musical artistes or just anyone who wants simplicity and class in one fix.

Linktree is a great ‘link in the bio’ platform where the first step would be to get a customized address. We recommend you keep it short, memorable, and personal. Bonus points are in order for usernames that are highly related to your brand if your name isn't available when you sign up.

If you already have an account, make sure to add a bio description that briefly gives a feel of what you do, what inspires you, or what you stand for. This makes connecting with you on your values very seamless for your target audience. And whatever you do, please make sure that your profile picture is as clear and recognizable.

It doesn't end there. You would need to incorporate all your social media links by clicking on “social integrations” after you've explored the “more” option on the menu. We can say, authoritatively, that there are integrations for Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook Pages and even email address. Additionally, if you go with the Pro plan, you can host a “subscribe” option where new fans can keep up with you via a mailing list you'd create.

On the “links” menu, you are free to add up all the links to your music providing services and this helps to provide a variety for your diverse audience because...get this...some people are just Team Spotify and others are Apple Music and if you know how this goes, you can't ignore Youtube Music, Deezer Audiomack or Soundcloud. In other words, there is no wrong with having all your streaming profiles out there. In any case, as much as possible, small is good; more is better.

The next step we’ll advise in customising your smart link page is to go for the appearance. Getting the right words in your bio description is great but in addition to this, you need to ensure that your theme is the right pick that best amplifies your personality. To have a wonderful range of this, you may have to go Pro if the options from the free plan don't appeal to your taste (we think they will…for a start). However, if you feel you need to have an animated background then going Pro is the best option for customizations Linktree.

In a nutshell, while customising, please ensure that you take cognisance of the fact that you are directing your fans to where your music lives (musical platforms), you are trying to grow your fan base with an easy-to-share link that houses all you have to offer to the world, you are keeping them updated with pre-save or pre-order campaigns, you are creating a platform where - by the help of analytics - you can understand your fans and track their interaction on your page which helps to know where they love to be when it comes to your music. It's also necessary to know that selling tickets and growing a loyal subscriber base are great targets for the smart link page.

When you do all this, feel free to preview your work before sharing it with the world. After this, there's no eye which should not see your mini station. Don't fret to show what you've been working on. Conclusively, we hope this helps you to amplify your voice and give order to how best people can reach you while you reach out to the world with your great gift in music.

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