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Hotshot - Israel Hougton, Jonathan McRenoylds, Travis Greene & Chandler Moore spotted at dinner.

From left to right - Chandler Moore, Travis Greene, Johnathan McRenoylds and Israel Houghton 

So we have two questions today

What would this picture sound like on a record?

What will you call this quartet?

In this picture we have Grammy nominees and winners, Stellar nominees and winners, a legend, billboard number one artists etc, To round it all up we are looking at some of the best music to come out of the gospel worship scene in the last ten years, all in one picture.

This seems like a Maverick City move as they are fond of gathering artists alike together for something special. Either way its nice to see unity, love and brotherhood in the body of Christ. We will not eliminate the idea of a collaboration. This is a very good rumour to spread. Keep it locked here.

In the meantime, this is one of our favourite performances from this gospel quartet at the 2017 Stellar Award Performance feat: Israel Houghton, Jonathan McReynolds, and Jonathan Butler.

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