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HFP Verge Workshop - How Social Media Algorithms Work, with Paula Melissa

Ever wondered how algorithms work?

If you haven’t heard of us before, HFP Verge is a Christian Music distributor, based in the United Kingdom. With artists rapidly growing around the globe from China, the UK, and Nigeria, it's really a service like nothing that currently exists specifically for indie artists.

With many years of experience in the music industry, HFP Verge is well aware of the struggles of being a Christian artist today. Sometimes it may feel like your online voice is just not being heard. Based on our willingness to continually equip you with all you need to ensure you thrive in your creative career, we have selected this topic; one that that will help keep your social media posts at the top-of-feed - 'How Social Media Algorithms Work.' This session will be joined by special guest, Paula Melissa, an industry powerhouse.

Paula Melissa is a passionate speaker and event and podcast host. She works as a social media and community manager at a digital broadcaster and is passionate about all things people and digital storytelling. Paula is the host of Gospel Hydration’s Refresh Nights, a monthly live acoustic music event.

She runs the SheHH Podcast, where she and her team interview women in Christian music globally. She co-hosts Hermosas Chicas Negras, a podcast about self-teaching the Spanish language in the community. Paula is a sister, friend, daughter, partner, mentor, and mentee. She enjoys catching up with her family and friends over good food, travelling and reading.

HFP Verge is inviting every artist who has ever wondered how social media algorithms work in the entertainment industry.

Date: Saturday 24th June, 2023; 4PM(GMT+1)

Venue: Online

It promises to be an enlightening event. You don't want to miss it!

Registration is free, so register now!

See you there!

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