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HFP Spotlight - Deb Orah graces the "Music City Live" stage on Sunday 22.11.20

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Deborah comes from a strong Christian background, this played a role in her growing in her personal relationship with God. Since she was a small child, she loved the Word of God and sought to serve in ministry. When she was 8 years old, she delivered her first sermon and has continually been involved in serving. She also started a group within her church called Girls Empowerment, which has a base in the UK, USA and soon to be Tanzania, East Africa. Deborah has gone through a lot of personal trials that have only strengthened her desire to want to do more for God.

Deborah has strong musical influences - the likes of Fred Hammond, Cece Winans, The Clark sisters, Ron Kenoly and other classic influencers from the 90s. However, as I’ve grown up and been exposed to different genres of music, the likes of Tasha Cobbs, Todd Galberth, David & Nicole Binon, maranda Curtis and other worship leaders have played a huge role in my life and sound.

If my music doesn’t bring people closer to God in any way shape or form, then there would be no reason for me to do music. My aim is to encourage, heal and restore people with my sound, and also just let people know that anything is possible with God through my music and my life testimony as they get to know me as a person more.

Aside from music and my academic interests, I also enjoy photography, interior and event design/decor, makeup and fashion, and vlogging for my YouTube channel which I hope to get back to!

Join Deb Orah and so many more at the HFP Music City Live this Saturday.

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