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HFP Musiccity's "Lyrically Speaking" with Lady T Renewed for Season 2

ARE YOU READY !! After receiving rave reviews from viewers around the world, "Lyrically Speaking" is set to make waves again at HFP Musicity as LadyT revealed online that the spontaneous, online Instagram show has been renewed for season 2.

Whoop Whoop, I am back Agaiiin - Lady T excitingly announces..

LadyT says of the new season:

"I’m really glad that season 2 is happening and It’s happening with a bang with artists representing Africa, UK, America. It is truly an international feel this time around. The new season kicks off with the queen that is Diana Hamilton, who represents Ghana to the fullest. We also have South African artist, KingD Music. I won’t say who else is scheduled to appear but I’ll add that we have a US legend appearing on the show which I am very very excited about. To find out who that is, you will just have to tune in every Wednesday from 7:30pm to find out who.''.

it’s being reported that all of season 1’s drama, games and fun are all expected to return with a little extra content for season 2. So will you be watching?? We sure will

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