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HFP Musiccity New Music Friday (Christian)

Welcome back to another edition of New Music Friday, where we eagerly anticipate the latest releases in Christian music. As Easter draws near, artists are unveiling melodies and messages that resonate deeply with themes of resurrection, redemption, and renewal. Join us as we delve into the heartfelt tunes that are sure to inspire and uplift your spirit on this second Friday of March.

Heaven - JOSHUA LAZER, Kalisito

Don't Fight Alone - Jon Reddick

Running Back To You - Seph Schlueter

Where Can I Go - Ellie Holcomb

In This Room - Chevelle Franklyn, Ntokozu Mbambo

Crimson Dust - Michael W. Smith

A Four Chord Protest - Chris Renzema

IJWKY - Sam Wilson

Dear Heartbreak - 7 Hills Worship, Rachael Morley

Eagles - Kojo Dave, Marizu

Hiding Place - Naffymar, Noel Mio, Pawasonic

Open To Your Word - Hope Nwani

Testimony - Theresa Phondo

A Thousand Miles - HHPG, Greatman Takit, Folabi Nuel

All Night All Day - Oyije, A Mose, LAMB CULTURE.

In My Soul - Henrisoul, Greatman Takit, Tjsarx

Yahweh Moment - Campus Rush Music, Ryan Ofei, Kofi Dartey

Arresto a La Muerte - Seth Condrey, Leann

Right On Time - K3ndrick, Oba Reengy

365 - Angeloh

Ain't No Grave - Tryhard Society

As Easter approaches, let the melodies and messages we've explored continue to resonate in your hearts and minds. May the rhythms of resurrection, redemption, and renewal accompany you as you journey through this season of faith. Until we meet again, keep the music playing and your spirit soaring high!

Did we miss any? List them down below.

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