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HFP Musiccity New Music Friday (Christian)

Welcome back to the final edition of New Music Friday for the month of February, where we eagerly anticipate the latest releases in Christian music. As we bid farewell to this month, artists are unveiling melodies and messages that resonate deeply with themes of love, faith, and devotion. Join us as we delve into the heartfelt tunes that are sure to inspire and uplift your spirit on this last Friday of February.


1000 Names - Anthony Evans

The City Is Mine - Zauntee

Something Good - Uche Agu, Revival Today Worship

WE WIN - Daniel Ojo, VaShawn Mitchell

Packed Up My Love - Matt Hammit

Surely The Lord Is Here - David's Harp, Mitch Wong

All Clear - Sarah Teibo

WANDERER - Now Found: Hope Nwani

Rahama: Kaestrings

Me & You - Paul-Emmanuel, Omojo

Working For My Good : Reblah, Marizu

Deseo Eterno - UPPERROOM, Abbie Gamboa

Here Or There - ONE HOUSE, Hamzaa

For The Beauty Of The Earth - Alabaster Co., Sam Ock, Sarah Nathalie

Take My Cup - Andrew Greer

Ready To Grow - Jennifer Jimenez

Perfect Peace - TY Brasel

Just Fine: ONE HOUSE, CalledOut Music, Rose Meregini

So Good - Evan and Eris

All I Need- JOSHUA LAZER, Charlotte Adelle

Something Different - Joseph O'Brien

Narrow Road - Chris Renzema

My Life Is Proof - Stephen McWhirter

Beautiful Scandalous Night - Shane & Shane

Every 90s Worship Song Ever - Caleb and Kelsey

Beautiful - LAMB CULTURE, Monaze, Jvson

let me love you - Tommy Iceland

in the midst - Christian Singleton Version: Jordan Blaine, Christian Singleton, JSteph

Where Else Can I Go? - Anchor Hymns, Dawn Hill, Taylor Leonhardt, Tim Timmons

Risk It All - Galactus Jack, Trampolines

Lets Chill - Uninvtd, S A I N T, Jackie Legere

Blessings - Ruslan

Nothing Into Something - Steven Malcolm

All I Need - Anthony Evans

And with that, we conclude this month's journey through the world of Christian music on New Music Friday. As February draws to a close, let the melodies and messages we've explored continue to echo in your hearts and minds. May the rhythms of love, faith, and devotion accompany you as you step into the new month ahead. Until we meet again, keep the music playing and the spirit soaring high!

Did we miss any? List them down below.

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