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HFP Music "Song of the Week" - Deb Orah - "Hope for the Soul"

Uplifting, Hopeful, Inspiring and Reflective are words used to describe this track and as you know when music is good, it is relevant in any time or season. That is why this week we present to you the HFP Music "Song of the week" from none other than Tanzanian native and one of HFP's Finest Deb Orah. This single was originally released in September but we cant help but bring it back at such a time as this. Hope For My Soul (taken from Psalm 23) is a powerful song and every line speaks of this season.

Deb Orah encourages listeners to reflect on the scripture and envision yourself walking through the valleys and mountains, knowing that the hope for your soul is in the creator of all things.

“The essence of this song came to me roughly 2 years ago. As I lay down meditating on God’s word, I began to visualise myself walking though valleys and mountains, not being fearful. It was exactly what I needed to build my faith despite what was going on my life at the time. That’s when ‘Hope for my soul’ came to my spirit and till this day, everytime I sing it, I get that same visual in my head.

Produced by producer/ artist Michael Oyo and written by Deb Orah, Hope for my Soul is out now on all music platforms.

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