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HFP Live Music - Phil Thompson graces the London stage with his hit songs

If you didn’t know or weren’t there, you definitely missed out! CalledOut Live In London was held on November 10th 2018, featuring a range of diverse gospel artists, with various performances. Apart from the patent excitement over the concert, it was clear that Phil Thompson’s involvement in this event exceeded the public’s expectations. Now, if you don’t know about Phil Thompson or his songs, then you’ve clearly been living underneath a rock!

At this sold-out event, the gospel singer and songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts, Phil Thompson, not only sang his most popular songs with ‘Chasing Your Glory’, ‘Light The Way’ and ‘My Worship’, but he also ministered and there was truly a shift in the atmosphere! When God is in the midst, a shift most definitely must happen, and we were witnesses to this. Phil Thompson spoke about a point in his life when he was questioning God; something we all go through as individuals. However, Phil Thompson used a bible scripture to respond to his questioning:

His ways are higher than our ways,

   His thoughts are higher than our thoughts”

This is a reference to Isaiah 55:8-9; a passage that we should take and meditate on. In this video, you will witness the pure, raw meaning of what it means to worship and take your worship to a different level. Since we are under quarantine, you can take a moment to watch the video and worship freely in your own space. Remember, we are more than overcomes.

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