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HFP Music had a fantastic 2021 .. here is a message from the CEO, highlighting 2021 in words


As I look back over the year despite the challenges of COVID-19, I am extremely proud of what we have achieved. We were finally able to travel to the US on tour after having to cancel it several times due to the pandemic. All the months of preparation finally paid off. The US experience was memorable and great as we were able to tour 5 cities in 7 days and the support from you guys in the US was next level. Shout out to Joe Mettle and Truflow Hub for making it happen. We cannot wait to come back again soon.

New Releases

The entire team have spent hours in the kitchen cooking up sounds that have really been a blessing. We went into 2021 with a mission to raise the bar and stay as productive as possible. Thankfully, we achieved just that, with over 27 million streams! You will be glad to hear that we released a total of 32 tracks and 22 Collaborations. Doing some quick maths, that means we released 4.5 tracks per month in 2021. Now that’s a lot of music!

Daphne Richardson

Drum roll guys ... We welcomed a new family member in 2021! All the way from beautiful Otawa in Canada, Daphne came in with a fire and a vibe that is so infectious. Thank you for how you have made her feel so welcome. In her first year of signing with HFP Music, she has released 3 tracks and been on tour in the US. We are so pleased to have her on the team and everyone’s pumped and ready to receive all that she will bless us with in 2022.

Amazing Producers

I am genuinely blown away by the amazing people God has brought our way. They are indeed the best in the game, and the realest people you could ever meet. I cannot but celebrate them. We have had the pleasure of working with producers based in the UK and Nigeria. Shout out to my brothers - Jola Aderibigbe (Whiteblock Group), Michael Oyo (Oyo Group), William Ajiyemi (ManLikeWills) Féz, Samuel Nwachukwu (CalledOut Music) and Manuel the Creator.

The newest addition to the team is Marvyn De Verbizier (Schekina) from France who produced Wonder by Marizu. We applaud you all. The best of the best I said this last year and I would love to say it again this year, we literally have the best musicians ever! These professionals have travelled round the world with us and produced some amazing live music. Their work ethic is second to none. They have been with us through it all, and I want to give special thanks to Ade (Bass), Dotun ADG (Guitars), Josh (Drums), Michael (Keys) and Jola (MD). We couldn’t possibly leave out our amazing BV’s - Shalom, Gabby and David. You guys are a Godsend.

Video Production

We ventured into new territory with video production in 2021 by shooting a documentary. The plan is to release it in 2022 so please keep your eyes peeled for it. Many thanks to all the guest artistes and industry professionals who supported us on that project. In addition, we shot 8 new music videos which is our highest number so far per year. We worked with some extremely talented videographers filming in several

locations across Nigeria and the UK. Special thanks go to Uvi Orogun (Media Mind Universal), Bobby Ge-nev (Film Stripe), Jay Affluent and Gbenga Gomes. We have benefited greatly from your professionalism and creativity on our projects.

Design and Branding

If you haven’t heard of Sarah Sarks our new photographer, then may I ask you to go on social media and have a look. She is awesome! Thank you so much Sarah for coming on board. We owe massive appreciation to Joanna Amaning (JaBrand Design) for how she has worked extremely hard to ensure we look our best. Our cover art, flyers and branding have been top notch this year and we are extremely proud to have her expertise on our team. Our stylist Ebamiyo and MUA (Stephanie and Simmi), we love you guys.


Many congratulations go to our very on Calledout Music and Marizu who won Male Artiste of the Year and Best Indie / Folk / Acoustic song respectively. More grace to you both. Calledout Music also got nominated for a MOBO (Best Gospel Act) for the second year running. Daphne got UK Christian Chart Pop No.1 for her single Eternal Eyes featuring Calledout Music. There were several other awards received by the

team and we are so proud of what you have achieved.

HFP Verge and Ambassadors

In June 2021, we launched HFP Verge - a service designed to provide Label and Management Services to independent artistes globally. Since we started, we have had artistes join us from the US, Nigeria, UK and even China. I would like to thank Becky Larry Izamoje our Business Development Lead for making this happen. You are a super star. HFP Verge is a new frontier for us and I am excited for what the future holds.

We also have a team of Ambassadors who work behind the scenes to help promote our releases and en-

sure that our releases remain faithful to the mission to spread the undiluted Gospel of Jesus. You guys are awesome. Thank you for always being there and holding us up in prayers.


Wow! You would agree, based on the above, that 2021 has been a blast in more ways than one. It has been such a joy to see the HFP Family grow around the world and you all have not relented in bringing the energy! For that I say a BIG ‘Thank you’. You guys are simply the best.

Once again, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to support us. We have achieved this not by ourselves but through YOU, our family. Looking forward to 2022, we shall continue to work even harder to produce music that is relevant and blesses the lives of all who hear it. You have set the bar high and we are willing to rise up to the challenge. Our prayer for you and your family is that God surpasses all your expectations for the new year. 2022 shall be better than all the years gone before it. May God continue to bless and keep you in all things.

Chibuzor Okoro

CEO, HFP Music

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1 Comment

Jan 10, 2022

So many big wins!

No doubt God has been good in 2021. He'll do more in 2022 and beyond. Keep on!

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