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Grace Tena shares follow up to debut single 'In Theory' with new music

Weeks after releasing her debut single ‘In Theory,’ the singer-songwriter delivers another reflective and thought-provoking song.

'When in the Unknown' is a stripped-back, captivating song, expressing intimacy with an authentically pure, acoustic sound. Grace wrote 'When in the Unknown' during a time of uncertainty, having experienced multiple setbacks in areas of her life, including music. The song is an honest communication to God following what had been a dry season in Grace's life, where she had otherwise struggled to speak to Him.

The song aims to encourage people with this truth: the unknown is only for a moment, and God is present through it. The unknown doesn’t mean you are alone.

Grace spoke on the message she hopes listeners will take away from the song:

"Not knowing absolutely every detail of life is not a disadvantage when in Christ. Experiencing unknowns is inevitable, and it’s a common response to become anxious about them. But - the difference between panic and peace in those moments of our life, is Christ. He keeps us afloat. Our confidence is in the fact we have God who does know everything, and He knew our end from our beginning."

The sincerity of the message can be heard through 'When in The Unknown', and Grace's unique, smooth sound resounds through the entire song.

Written by Grace Tena

The single is out this NOW on all music stores.

Follow Grace Tena on Instagram for more updates: @GraceTena_

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