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Grace Tena reflects with new single "His Words"

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

‘His Words’ is Grace’s 4th release this year - a dynamic, transparent and expressive song referencing God’s truths about us.

The new single is affirmative, written from God’s perspective of us, encapsulating our identity in Him. Grace wrote ‘His Words’ from a place of ‘overflow,’ at a time where she grew in understanding of the finished works of Jesus Christ.

Grace felt led to share the message of the cross and the abundance of our relationship with Christ through the song, pointing believers and non-believers alike to this truth.

To the listeners, Grace says this:

“Living from the reality of who we are in Christ Jesus will always be our power. We cannot forget. We must take every opportunity to remind ourselves of His truth over us.”

‘His Words’ boasts of a contemporary-acoustic sound, and aims to remind listeners that the Lord will never get tired of reminding us of our identity, and His, with and in us. Our person stems from Him alone, and our confidence is in this.

The harmonic sounds that resound through ‘His Words’ are a timely reminder that the Father joyously sings over us.

The single is out now on all music stores and streaming platforms.

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