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Exclusive - Lecrae returns with Zombie Visuals

As Lacrae prepares for the release of his 9th studio album Restoration. “Zombie”, is the fourth single off the record. He previously released “Set Me Free,” feat. YK Osiris , “Deep End,” and the amazing, “Drown” featuring John Legend.

Reach Records recording artist Lecrae shares his testimony of how he had no option but to follow the desires of the flesh until he met Jesus and got saved

He revealed via his twitter:

''This song is one of my top favorites on the album. Hope it blesses you like it did for me''

.Lecrae – Zombie Lyrics

[Intro] Say blessed, say blessed, say blessed Yeah I was like a zombie, till I was awakened Chasin’ all the Barbies, tryna get the bacon Pull up in a new toy. feelin’ like a rude boy Always acting brazy but my heart feel like a chew toy

[Verse 1] Runnin’ with my dogs, catchin’ plays (Catchin’ plays) Take you on a trip down memory lane (Memory lane) Pullin’ pistols (Pistols), stealin’ momma’s liquor (Liquor) Seventeen, I think I fell in love with a stripper (Bah) Snortin’, sippin’, smokin’ till I’m blown away (I’m blown) Granny told me, “Wait on God, He on the way” (On the way) Walkin’ dead, I’m on the ledge, I’m praying I don’t fall off Spirit interferin’, now the new me ’bout to go off in the dark, yeah

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