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Exclusive - CalledOut Music reflects on career as he gears up for new album "My Beautiful Reality"

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Its album release week and HFPMusic City had the pleasure of catching up with Mobo winner Samuel Nwachukwu (CalledOut Music) , He got candid about his legacy, career and new album . The track list for the new record "My Beautiful Reality" is released on Friday and we are so excited about his new journey.

Personally, he exclusively told HFPMusic City the new record is filled with diverse sounds from Afro pop to pop to 80s R&B, Soul and ab acoustic/folky type feel. We can also reveal that Guvna B, Still Shadey, Rore, Zo Chilengwe, IMSQD and Samm Henshaw join him on the album as features.

HFPMusic City - Jumping straight to the new Album. Let’s talk about the title and why you made the choice to go with this name

CalledOut Music - The new album and title is very indicative of where I am right now with my faith. I think over the last couple of years, I have grown more in love with Jesus actually and that’s a beautiful thing because now I feel like I’m in the space where I understand him better than ever, and the title my beautiful reality is one that expresses that understanding to a certain extent we can never know all of God. I’ve just seen him move in my life in so many ways, physically, emotionally,psychologically,mentally and spiritually. I’ve seen him in involved in everything and I’ve come to realise that he is as concerned in the little details as he is with the big picture and everywhere you look at in my life right now you just see Jesus and that’s the sort of relationship I love to have with my Lord and saviour, so the album title ‘my beautiful reality’ really depicts this life that I now live which is one of Faith, sort of like Galatians 2:20.

HFPMusic City - Artists like you are helping change the lenses and the way God and religion is seen to a mass audience. What else do you think can be done to reach out to the unchurched and overchurched.

CalledOut Music - I think we can be a lot more real with our content. a lot of the time we talk about God’s goodness and his kindness and his faithfulness and it’s true but not a lot of us are being very real with how we overcome these things in a practical level and putting those into song can be the start of reaching the unchurched. We can then continue speaking the language that they understand which is one of realness and authenticity. I believe that if we as believers are authentic with our message, authentic with how we just act in general, a lot more people come to the faith because they will see that we are just like them but we’re just saved by grace and we are totally dependent on the grace of God. I think that’s the kind of faith and that’s the kind of Christian thats needed to reach the unchurched.

HFPMusic City - We have had the privilege of listening to the album already. Hits after hits in our opinion. However how do you go about picking your singles? What is the process like

CalledOut Music- Thank you very much! In terms of picking singles, I guess I pick songs that reflect where I am in this present moment or reflect where I think I want to be. So with the songs that we have currently on this present album really define the sound that I’ve been able to create over the last year with my producer Gaetan and it’s been a very fun process. I I just pick songs that feel great but also pass on the message that I’m sensing is for this season, which is one of authenticity and letting people in to my reality in my every day walk with Jesus Christ.

HFPMusic City - How indicative of the rest of the album is the sound of “Hold on me”

CalledOut Music- Hold on me was a very fun song that we created in the studio. I remember it was the first session I had with Gaetan, but it’s not at all indicative of the entire album. it is just a section of it, which is something we like to do with the albums that we create - we make sure there is something for everyone and literally we mean that especially with this project so don’t take ‘hold of me’ as the sound for the album, just take it as a part of the full meal.

HFPMusic City - You have been very consistent with your craft and through the years we have seen you grow and elevate. What would you say keeps you motivated.

CalledOut Music- I guess the main thing that keeps me motivated is the gospel! like I actually believe the message so that’s something I wake up every day wondering how I can make more music that draws people to Christ, and number two, I wanted to do this for such a long time and it feels like God has given me an opportunity to do it, I am always smiling every single day. I can’t believe that I get to do this for a living and I don’t take it for granted so the motivation is already there because I’m living my dream dream.

HFPMusic City - What should people expect when they hear this album why should they listen to it?

CalledOut Music- I think people should expect the very best of me and every part that has made me unique over the last couple of years. I think the vibes are vibier and the deep songs are deeper. I’ve generally come on a journey of becoming a better artist as well as a better Christian and I would say and I have a more profound understanding of the wholeness of Jesus Christ which has been put into this music.

HFPMusic City - Your sound became more diverse over the years, are you still discovering a lot of new sides of yourself

CalledOut Music- yes for sure! I think that the more I sought to perfecting my craft as an artist, I never wanted to limit myself to any particular genre or any particular sound or way of thinking and the diversity came the moment I stopped trying to put myself in a box. The diversity of sound is very evident on a new album as well. I’ve got everything from Afro pop to pop to almost 80s R&B and there’s a bit of like Soul music as well and there’s an acoustic / folky type track on there too. there is absolutely everything for everyone and it all still feels like me, like Samuel - which I’m very grateful for.

HFPMusic City - So when you are not busy working on music, what do you do

CalledOut Music- When I’m not working on music, I spend time with my family, I serve at my local church and I help mentor younger artists coming up. But to be honest most of the time you can find me at home just resting in my room and having some quiet time to myself - that’s one of my favourite things to do for fun, but I’m also starting to get into museums lately, so If you find me any museums around London be sure to say hi and let’s pose for a pic!

HFPMusic City - What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in the Christian music industry. What does longevity look like to you.

CalledOut Music- honestly, longevity looks like contentment. I feel like it’s important to find what success looks like for you and I’ll just be content with that. so many people start off and they don’t really have a definition of success, so when they get money, they want more fame on when they get more fame, they want more money or they want to be recognised by particular group of people and the goal post just keeps shifting. Even when they get money and everything, they now want their songs to be sung in church. I’d say define what success looks like for you and prayerfully go for it - when you find it be sensitive enough to to let contentment be your keyword I guess. Being content with every step of the way, but also knowing that success is defined by yourself and not by the world because the world will keep changing the goal posts, but define success on your own terms, you will achieve containment faster.

HFPMusic City - Lastly, as an artist, you are not only a musician but an inspiration for many, do you ever feel that pressure

CalledOut Music- yes I do feel that pressure sometimes. I feel the pressure because there aren’t many people who have done what we‘ve done, in the space of time that we’ve done it and from the place that we have done it, however I also remember that I don’t need to put the pressure on myself because it’s God who is driving this ship. He started a good thing and He’s going to finish it. He’ll give me songs at the right time, so I don’t need to worry myself feeling like I need to figure it out by myself. God is with me and He takes the pressure off me. I can always leave my burdens on Him you know, and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I don’t have to do this by myself.

There you have it, "My Beautiful Reality" is out on Friday on all online streaming platforms. He will also be embarking on a 2022 tour across Canada and Europe this summer.

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