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Ebi Oginni presents an anthem of hope with her new single - 'Scars Into Gold'

Have you ever felt battered by life? Do you have experiences that have affected you so badly they have left an indelible mark on you; a scar that you try to hide?

If yes, then Ebi Oginni is right there with you. 'Scars Into Gold' is a powerful reminder that God can take your battle scars and turn them into something beautiful. Its soothing yet powerful undertones is intentionally set to uplift you, then gently guide you back into the arms of Jesus, so that piece by piece He can restore you and transform your life into gold.

"This song came out of a time when I felt weary. I sat for a co-write with 2 of my dear friends, Bekah Tunniclife and Audrie Mouzakis, and out of the chaos came a beautiful reminder that God can take any story, no matter how sad or hopeless it may seem and turn it into triumph; a beacon of light that will give hope to many. I hope this song puts a smile on your face and reminds you that God can turn your scar into gold." -Ebi Oginni

Produced by Stabal Studios, this track is now available on your preferred streaming platform. Listen to 'Scars Into Gold' here

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