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Christmas is coming and here's a Christmas song to make things all merry and bright!

Inspired by the meaning of Christmas, Vorkay and Arinola have pulled out all the stops to create a song of the moment for all.

Produced by Ian Copeland Green with his impressive production and presence, this song is sure to get you up on the dance floor.

Inspired by MOBO Nominee Sandra Godley, Vorkay put pen to paper to write a Christmas song for the season, joined by Arinola, a prolific songwriter, they have come up with a special song to celebrate Christmas giving practically. The song promotes the work of Christmas Lunch On Jesus (CLOJ) an initiative of Jesus House London, the church where Arinola and Vorkay serve locally. CLOJ provides Christmas hampers for families in need giving them all they need to prepare a typical Christmas lunch.

Some testimonials of this great initiative from last year:

“Many thanks for the Christmas hamper. As a pensioner, I really appreciated it because it provided us a hot Christmas lunch. We would not have afforded it, much of our pensions go on bills and there is very little left. We are eating very frugally. There is not much cash left after paying for the gas, electricity, and council tax. This definitely lifted our spirits; what with the lockdown and having to be extra careful, as we fall within the ‘vulnerable group’. Many thanks, God bless. - From F&M”

“Thank you all very much for a wonderful Christmas hamper, it was exciting to open it and discover all the good food inside. It certainly has made our Christmas something less to worry about after the pandemic and the lockdown: because everything has been catered for, it brings a smile to our lips and warmth to our heart. So, thank you all for making our Christmas special and wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and all the best for the new year. Love from the Greer family.”

Head of Community Action at Jesus House, Ayo Adedoyin, who chairs the Christmas Lunch on Jesus project has this to say about the project and the Christmas Time’ single which is being adopted as the theme song for the CLOJ campaign:

“’Christmas Lunch on Jesus’ is a great opportunity to spread the love of the season to all who may be going through a tough and difficult time at this time of the year. CLOJ has been a Christmas Day invitation to tens of thousands of people over the years. This year’s theme song encapsulates the reason for the season so do enjoy it and share with others. “

-Ayo Adedoyin, Head of Community Action, Jesus House London.

This is what people are saying about the CLOJ initiative:

“When you open the door people are saying is this for me? Really?”

- Councillor Agatha Akyigyina – ex Mayor of Merton.

“A huge number of volunteers out delivering to 2500 people across the borough, just incredible 500 hampers, just incredible.”

- Raymond Kinsella – Merton Chamber of Commerce

“Christmas Time” aims to get more hampers to more families this Christmas especially after such a hectic year with the pandemic through the download/ sales of the single.

Proceeds from the song will go towards Christmas Lunch on Jesus (CLOJ), which is a tangible way of sharing faith, hope and love at Christmas time.

Vorkay, Arinola and the co-ordinator for Christmas Lunch on Jesus are happy to talk about their journey and Christmas Lunch on Jesus on your radio show.

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