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Choir Chronicles: The Comedy and Chaos of Choir Practice

Updated: Mar 18

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of every choir rehearsal? Picture this; lyrics mixup of the lead singer, accidental slip-ups, the piano player hitting notes and keys that do not align with the song being rehearsed, or the sopranos hitting glass-shattering pitches !😅 (Bless all their hearts)

It’s a rollercoaster process consisting of hard work, chaos, and comedy all leading to the perfect worship ministration where the Holy Ghost eventually moves.

Welcome to this chit-chat corner where we spill the tea or in this case the “off-key notes” that keep us chuckling behind the scenes of choir rehearsals.

Who needs a Netflix subscription when you can get free front-row tickets and tune into choir rehearsals? Remember the legendary viral video of various choir rehearsals performing “Ebenezer” by Nathaniel Bassey? That’s the kind of hilarious stuff we’re talking about. So grab your popcorn let’s dive in :

Mysterious note changes

Imagine a room where everyone suddenly becomes the main character, monopolizing the entire rehearsal without warning, deciding it’s their “moment to shine”. It could be a back-row vocalist suddenly stepping into their imaginary opera stage that never exists in the script, or the lead singer deciding to take a scenic route mid-song. All eyes come alive and sudden tension brews in the room😂 . It turns into a game of one person deciding to be the “leader” and expecting others to join on the follow train, except the leader in this case doesn’t even know where he/she is headed.

Battles of the Vocalists

The ultimate showdown of vocal prowess: Sopranos vs. Alto rivalry. Whose notes can reach the heavens first? What section can hold the longest notes till the crowd screams Hallelujah? Then in another section, the tenors vs. the basses battling for vocal supremacy trying to outdo each other in a quest for who can dig longer with their breath controls. Of course that stirs up subtle (or not so subtle) rivalry underneath the surface. But at the end of the day, it’s all love and unity for the sole purpose of invoking the right divine atmosphere which we finally see during ministrations.

The instrumentalists’ parody

Let’s dive into the corner of our unsung heroes that harmonize the musical masterpiece. Picture when the drummer’s enthusiasm overrides and he hops right into another dimension where the rehearsal’s tempo becomes just a mere suggestion. It’s like a rollercoaster that keeps us on the tip of our toes. Then there’s our pianist who one moment keeps the atmosphere grounded, right before he drifts into a musical trance beyond the choir premises. Lol, who needs the right keynotes when we’ve been ushered into celestial realms? And let’s not forget the guitarist who might suddenly choose to challenge their inner rockstar, leaving behind an entire choir with nothing but their sheet notes. It’s a mixed moment of pure creativity and rebellion but glad they all get back together at the end of the day.

But despite the musical mishaps and gold comedy moments, there's an undeniable joy in creating music together and even more harmonizing in unity while finally ministering. Though there’s an occasional glitch as a few members of the choir return from their musical escapades and discover new realms of their creativity, it’s all part of the fun.

So next time you find yourself at a choir rehearsal, buckle up and get ready for a ride because choir life is anything, but boring!

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