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Checking in with Michelle Williams - How getting real about depression changed her life

Acclaimed musical artist Michelle Williams shares the intimate, never-before-told story of how, even in the midst of enormous fame and success, she battled depression, leading her to find her true calling as an advocate for mental health--especially her own

“I need help.”

Those three words saved Grammy Award–winning singer Michelle Williams’s life. After decades of sweeping her anxiety and depression under the rug—even during her years in the spotlight with Destiny’s Child—Michelle found herself planning her own funeral. Realizing that she needed immediate help and could no longer battle her anxiety and depression alone, she checked herself into a treatment facility. When she came home, she was energized and determined to check in on a regular basis with herself, God, and others.

Practical, engaging, and full of wisdom, Checking In helps us understand that

  • building walls around our vulnerability can hinder our healing;

  • we need to reject the lies of anxiety and depression and replace them with the truth of God’s Word;

  • joy can be found when we release toxic thought patterns;

  • childhood wounds need to be healed;

  • freedom can be found when we forgive ourselves and others; and

  • a beautiful life comes from living honestly.

An uplifting, behind-the-scenes look at one woman's path to healing, Checking In reminds you that you are not alone, and that God is not yet finished writing your story.

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