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Celebrate Africa Releases Soaring urban, upbeat praise song “Believe”

Celebrate Africa Releases Soaring urban, upbeat praise song “Believe”

About the Artist

Combining trans-African choirs, unforgettable melodies, and hope-hitting beats, Celebrate Africa is bringing a new sound to the world. A sound of inspiration and hope.

A sound chiseled from the struggle, hardships, and beauty of Africa.

From their start in Harare, Zimbabwe, brothers Tommy & Daniel Deuschle began their

musical journey playing in high schools, churches, and parking lots around southern

Africa. Now leading Celebrate Africa with Boden Dollie, the alternative-afro collaborative

has expanded to include native writers, composers and producers throughout Africa, America, and the globe.

Celebrate Africa continues the 35-year tradition of the “Celebration Music” brand, with

writing and artistry that carries the tension of both the “struggle” and “freedom” of life in

Africa. Pointing to the ONE who gives true liberty and freedom. "

The New Single: BELIEVE

"The song “Believe” is a captivating musical composition that’s held by a surging bass

line, simple African guitars, and magnificent pop melodies that move you to believe

again. “Believe” kicks off with a hum and a click that takes the listener on a journey of

“Forgetting about the lows of yesterday”. The chorus blends the bright languages of

Tswana, English, and Ndebele, anchored by the phrase “I Still Believe in You”. The soul-

stirring bridge layers two lines and launches listeners into a wide open space of an

instrumental mountain range – with soaring highs and awe-inspiring descents.

In a world where “belief” can be shaky and truth is easily watered down, the melodic

waves of “Believe” wash away uncertainty and confusion and firmly plant the flag of

Hope & Conviction.

“Hope comes back to life when we choose to keep Believing. There’s nothing like singing ourselves back into belief...and calling out the power that comes with it.” –Tommy Deuschle.

Listen to "Believe" here

Celebrate Africa Instagram Youtube


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