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Catching up with Sarah Wonders as she releases new single "Taking Over Live"

Sarah Wonders is a UK based prophetic minstrel and singer/songwriter with

origins from Delta State, Nigeria. Sarah Wonders released her debut single titled

“Champion’s Anthem” in 2018 which is the lead song on her studio EP album titled

“Revelations”. The soft rock/pop feel of this son with an upbeat groove,

rousing guitar riffs and captivating bass-line encourages every believer to do

anything because they are filled with the Holy Ghost.

And now she is back after a brief hiatus with a fresh new single perfect for this season. 'Taking Over LIVE' was first recorded in June 2021. This song was birthed in

a place of prayer and intercession back in 2018 and is apt for the current times. It is a song that testifies to a mighty move of the Holy Spirit that we are seeing in all countries all over the world. The Holy Spirit has taken over us as members in the body of Christ and now overflows to all spheres of life around us in whatever country we are in. It is a song that declares God’s mandate for every believer in taking territories for the kingdom of God.

Sarah Wonders says, “Simply put we are in the season where the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God is needed and being seen now more than ever. This song screams REVIVAL hallelujah!

We caught up with her to learn more..

HFP MUSIC City - Describe yourself in a few words

Sarah Wonders - I am a UK based Praise and Worship Leader and a recording gospel singer songwriter with origins from Delta State, Nigeria.

HFP MUSIC City - What currently drives you to do what you do?

My two passions in life are music and spreading the knowledge of the Word of God. Combining the truth of God’s word in the lyrical content of my songs is the perfect way for me to share the gift of the word I have received with listeners. Spiritual awakening, revelations about the love of God and who we are in Christ follows…… Hallelujah!. Past experiences and continuous revelations by the Holy Spirit has created a desire in me that has birthed a mission and a vision.

HFP MUSIC City - That is very deep, can we go a bit deeper, what is your mandate. What is the mission

Sarah Wonders - The mission is twofold;

1. Through my songs and under my ministration, listeners and worshipers will have a Saul like encounter with Jesus, that is a revelation of the Truth that He is alive, giving birth to a hunger that drives them to share the good news of the gospel

2. A raising up of active believers who long for the Truth & search out the scriptures for themselves that “the sharing of their faith may become effective and powerful because of their accurate knowledge of every good thing which is ours in Christ” Philemon 1:6

Connect with Sarah Wonders


YouTube: Official Sarah Wonders


Twitter: @Sarahwondersuk

Facebook: Sarah Wonders

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