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‘Lord You Are So Good’ (LYSG). A song which is very personal to Samuel (CalledOut Music). The nostalgic recollection of constantly singing this worship song during morning devotions with his parents in a Christian home is all he’s ever known.

Prior to becoming an Award-Winning Gospel Artist, CalledOut, through having various conversations with individuals, saw that LYSG resonated with everyone. He would continuously sing old-school Gospel songs and deliver it the only way he knows how to. In his adaption of this song, it is clear that CalledOut has really tried to take us back to his Gospel roots with this personalised homage.

Produced by Whiteblock, this familiar song with a twist is a successful attempt to take the song where it hasn’t been, in addition, it has a turnaround in the bridge and great chord progressions.

CalledOut mentions how perfect of an opportunity it was to express himself through this song. “Best time to talk about God’s goodness is on my birthday.”

It has been three fantastic years since CalledOut first appeared on our radar, so what better way to celebrate a new year by blessing us with a new single which speaks of God’s goodness and mercy.

“This song is my testimony. Looking back over the years, I have released a song for everyone, but this is a personal song for me. It’s a blessing to me! Every single word is about how far God has brought me through.”

The words on how CalledOut identifies with this song is a unique letter of honesty, and a declaration of God’s favour; not just in his music career but also his life.

The scripture says in Psalm 86:5, “Oh Lord, You are so good”, this resonates in the song; captivating one of God’s many characteristics, and is also supported by scripture Psalm 107:1, which says we should “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His mercy endures forever. Seasons come and Seasons go but God’s love remains the same.”

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