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CalledOut Music spills on the process of the new album with Lady T

CalledOut Music released another album, ‘Portraits’ on 1st May 2020. There was so much expectation tied to this release, because if you listen to CalledOut, you know it’s about to be a vibe! Before listening to the album, award-winning radio presenter, Lady T, had a conversation with the artist about the album creation process.

Lady T: Portraits is out, how long in the making has it been?

CalledOut Music: 8 to 9 months. Just before my tour, I started working on the album with my team - the process started in August

Lady T: Who is new on this record?

CalledOut Music: Goz! He produced Grace and Soaring high. He is fresh on the team

Lady T: Portraits - what’s the meaning behind the title?

CalledOut Music: Portraits talks about the scenario of a Christian life when you get to the point when you come to Jesus and your salvation. You take a self-portrait of yourself; the idea is to grow in understanding of who Christ is, so every single day when you take a self-portrait you should look more like Jesus. It’s a lifestyle thing than a music thing.

Lady T: Did you structure the songs around the album title?

CalledOut Music: No I did not. But as we did the songs I realised there was a common theme in all the songs. Portraits actually started as a joke, nothing serious, but I realised it has a beautiful meaning to it - so the songs on the record reveal different sides to me - so they are self-portraits of myself. On the cover, if you noticed, there are three versions of me

Lady T: Who did your artwork?

CalledOut Music: Ah Joanna, Jabrand Design. I’ve been working with her since my first album ‘In Due Time’, my first album

Lady T reveals album track listening

Track 1 - Anything

Lady T: Talk to me about each song. There’s always one song on your album that makes me cry, please tell us about Anything

CalledOut Music: I’ll be honest, there is no deep story to it. I was in a good mood one day,  I sat in front of logic and heard a melody. I laid the beat and I cannot explain how deep I was into the music. I called my manager Chib and played the song to him. It was a moment, I felt on top of the world - It was a snapshot of my life. It’s a beautiful feeling when you are in Christ and you can do anything. The confidence in the God you serve; putting that in a song and making it fun

Track 2  - Soaring High

Lady T: I feel like you are experimenting with new sounds now, Grace stirred you in a different direction. You can do the R'n'B sound but also the contemporary sound so tell us about this record

CalledOut Music: I wrote this a long time ago and I stirred away from recording it for that very reason. I never like to box myself or put myself in a box I just see music. I am at the point in my career where regardless of if it works, I have glorified Christ. I want to make music that feels good, this rock-type anthem. I have had a lot of messages about this one already, people love it. It was produced by Goz

Lady T: What track is your personal favourite?

CalledOut Music: It’s changed - like right now, I’ll have to say Weights

Lady T: Weights, let’s go there. When I listened to this, as soon as the bass line kicked in, I nearly screamed. The way to get me is the synth bass. I love the lyrics! It resonated with me and my life. Stop trying to do things on your own strength, cast it to God and stop worrying. Weights is also my number one song

CalledOut Music: You have described the heart behind weight. May is a very important month for me. It’s been a year since I left my full-time job. This was when I put myself into uncertainties and said God let’s get it like. The moment I took that step, I started feeling down and confused; leaving my job and no source of income. The enemy told me I made the wrong choice in my life. I woke up with so much faith and had to cast my cares and burdens to God. My mom was a giant for me at that time, praying for me, pouring into me and encouraging me, she features on this song

Lady T: What is your mum’s favourite song?

CalledOut Music: Weights! We both shared a moment on that song

Track 3 - Eternity

Lady T: This is another personal favourite of mine

CalledOut Music: It was another vibe; a moment. Everyone has that moment in their walk with Christ where they feel like this is such a beautiful thing, and it’s dawned on me that the moment I get to salvation, nothing can stop me from Christ, so this is forever. The fact that I’m on this side of eternity and yes I can’t really enjoy the fullness of it but when He returns I’ll be with Him for eternity

Lady T: You write your own music, so have you ever had writers' block?

CalledOut Music: I do. I have had so many but because I work one year ahead, I don’t feel pressure to always create

Lady T: What is your manager’s favourite song?

CalledOut Music: He loves Soaring High and Anything. He also loves Weights

Track 5 - Grace

Lady T: Grace! Let’s talk about Grace - this was almost like a turning point for you

CalledOut Music: This was also produced by Goz, we produced both songs on the same day. It’s by God’s grace that we are here. It is self-explanatory - I cannot wait to get back on the road and we can all sing this together when this is over

Track 6 - Already Won

Lady T: This next one gets me emotional. Already Won and I am going to try not to cry. This is also my number one. The lyric that got me was ‘Don’t you ever think you’re hopeless because you don’t know what is in your script. While it might be a lowest chapter and we know that joy comes after, there is no season we can skip’

CalledOut Music: There is a story behind this one. Already Won was also from way back. I forgot I wrote it, but my friend Becky reminded me one day. She sent it to me saying it still ministers to her, and I sat down thinking did I write this. I get in a space where I am so into the music, plucking words from the sky but I never get to sit down and read them through. When she sent it, it was missing the second verse and that’s when I wrote the verse, ‘Don’t you ever think you’re hopeless because you don’t know what is in your script. While it might be the lowest chapter and we know that joy comes after, there is no season we can skip’ but when I did it live for the first time, we knew it was amazing. Shoutout to Becky and the producer Micheal Oyo

Track 7 - Warm Embrace

Lady T: Next song is a beautiful song, it’s the current single ‘Warm Embrace’. What is the story behind this song and what made you release it as a single and video?

CalledOut Music: Ok, so this song was not meant to come out. Nothing Else was the planned single after Grace. But after rehearsals with my band, I got home and I was going over loops on my laptop and I had the groundwork for warm embrace in an hour. I recorded the hook and I collaborated with my label mate Marizu, I sent it to him and he wrote the second verse. I  had this push in my heart that this song needs to come out now, but then it’s also convincing the whole HFP family that everything else needs to be on hold for this song. I recorded the whole song and drove to my manager’s house to play the song to him. The first seconds my manager was sold. I had to go back to my team, the designer, the band, my video director and told them we have a new plan. This was before the lockdown. I now know what I had that push now because its a song of encouragement and hope to a lot of people in these uncertain times

Lady T: What do you want people to get from this album?

CalledOut Music: The spiritual Self-awareness of where you are at each time and measuring yourself according to scripture. The word of God is so final and such a standard. I want this album to help others on their journey with Christ; to help you with the process of what God’s purpose for you is. Every single day you wake up, God is saying ‘I’m not done yet’

Now that you have an understanding of the intention of the album, we pray that you are blessed as you listen to each song. ‘Portraits’ is now available on all platform - LET’S GET IT LIKE!

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