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CalledOut Music releases third studio album - ‘My Beautiful Reality’

The much-anticipated follow-up to 2020's Portraits consists of 11 songs, including singles Hold on me and Say so. My Beautiful Reality (MBR), the album, is indeed a beauty! Listening to each track, you hear the maturity of sounds he’s explored over the years. He invites longtime friends - Guvna B, Samm Henshaw, IMRSQD, StillShadey, Zo Chilengwe along for the ride including other budding newcomers such as RORE who released her first single last month.

According to Samuel, “Since I decided to accept the direction that God wanted me to go over 5 years ago, it has been a roller coaster ride full of steep drops and high climbs, happy crescendos and worrying troughs that got me shook. Until now, there hasn’t been a lack-luster moment. When I quit my well paying job to face music full time, I didn’t quite realize how tough it would be. It’s a miracle that I’m still doing CalledOut Music with a smile on my face - I remain super grateful.”

With each song blending seamlessly into the next, listeners are taken on a journey of life, trials, faith and what it means to be unconditionally loved by an ever-present Father. From the first track which features his father, to a track that his tribe demanded after its live performance in the USA, to his spin on classic songs, there is indeed a song for every believer no matter the stage you are at in your Christian walk.

With sounds and genre blends that feel like a cool summer breeze, COM comes up with something pretty distinctive on MBR.

When asked about the significance of this album, CalledOut says “ ‘My Beautiful Reality’ represents my journey to date. My music has gone through seasons which have culminated in the Reality that no matter what I go through, He will always be there for me. That’s what I wish to share with this album - the fact that God, even in the noise and silence, the highs and lows; will always be there. It’s a realization that I’m glad to have landed softly and confidently into. I pray that everyone that listens falls in love with Jesus all over again, not just because of what He can give but because of who He is.”

With 11 breath-taking tracks, CalledOut Music highlights the life experiences that have pointed him to the beautiful reality that God is ever-present. At times devastatingly heartfelt and heavy, and in other places unbelievably refreshing and light, the stellar album is available now


1. Isaiah’s Message

2. Hold on Me

3. Walk with Me (Ft Samm Henshaw & IMRSQD)

4. Come and See (Interlude)

5. Say So

6. Trust In You (Ft Guvna B)

7. Provider

8. Lifetime (Ft RORE)

9. Say That I Love You

10. Better (Ft Still Shadey)

11. Middle (Ft Zo Chilengwe)

Album Design/Creative Team: JaBrand Design, Sarah Sarks, Salima Kamara

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