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Calledout music and Fez join forces for “Soaring High” Remix

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Called out music who has just released his second album “Portraits” has teamed up with renowned producer and artist Fez for a “Soaring High” remix.

The remix was released on Friday 10th June and proves how good Soaring High is.

We spoke to producer Fez on the collaboration

“Soaring High was the song on the album that jumped out to me. The lyric ‘all you’ve got to do is trust me I promise you...’ resonated with me. Whilst working on the remix I remember thinking I wanted to create something that could be intimate and also radio-friendly. Sonically I guess I approached it as honestly as I could, hoping that if I enjoyed listening to it - others would too. Plus, CalledOut’s vocals are so special it was pretty easy to be inspired”


The remix is out now on all major digital stores

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