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Called Out Music hits milestone of 50 songs with new single ‘Never Leave Me’ with Dena Mwana

In a short time, CalledOut Music's consistency has been a massive inspiration to many. 'Never leave me' celebrates his 50th career song. A career that has included hits such as "You're mine, 'I am Free', "Love Around", "Weights", "My Prayer", "Last Breath", Warm Embrace, "Already Won", "Joy" and "God like You". This is a massive feat for the Basingstoke native and his label HFP Music. 50 songs in 5 years has a nice ring to it.

HFP weighed in below

"We want to take a moment to congratulate @calledoutmusic on releasing 50 songs till date in the space of 5 years! We're looking forward to many more🎉🎉

If there's one thing to take from this, it's keep being CONSISTENT and keep your eyes on the goal! 🙌🏼"

CalledOut Music has hinted that a new EP which takes us on a journey to his ROOTS is on the way. To pave the way, ‘Never Leave Me’ is the lead single for the upcoming EP. Featuring Award-winning gospel singer and composer - Dena Mwana, ‘Never Leave Me’ is a combination of multiple languages, culture, soul, dance and Afro-fusion, and speaks about the assurance and confidence we have in Christ.

CalledOut Music said about the collaboration,

“Never Leave Me is a song I hold so dear. It reminds me that God is my anchor and the strength of my heart. We thought of the perfect way to blend hope and also infuse culture and language in a special way in one track and Dena couldn’t have been more perfect on this track! We’re really excited to share it with the world.”

‘Never leave me’ is available now on all digital streaming platforms accompanied by an official lyric video


This track is co-written by CalledOut Music & Dena Mwana, produced by CalledOut Music, mixed & mastered by Whiteblock Group and graphic designs by JA brand design.

We’ll all be counting down to the release of His EP while we enjoy this lead single!

This song is released under top UK recording label, HFP Music.

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